Luxury cars, bugatti Veyron 164 Grand Sport Speed

Luxury cars, bugatti Veyron 164 Grand Sport Speed
bugatti Veyron 164 Grand Sport Speed


Since the scandal over diesel engines rigged, the Volkswagen Group is low profile. The German manufacturer focuses on the essentials, to the point that many projects have been abandoned. All that is not strictly necessary is gone by the wayside. Next to the stand of the brand at the Geneva Motor Show, surprisingly sober with just a concept car of small SUV (a model that is sorely lacking in the range) and a restyled version of the city up !, we can therefore wonder to see Bugatti present the Chiron. This supercar of all excesses does indeed seem hardly in line with the austere atmosphere that hangs in the group.
 However, if the Volkswagen Group replenishes in hyperluxe with Chiron, it is by design. While it is common knowledge that his predecessor the Veyron has never reported a dime to its builder, this is not the case of the newcomer. "Chiron is not just about providing emotional support for the image of the Volkswagen Group, it will also make a positive contribution to the Group's results," said Wolfgang Dürheimer, president of Bugatti. In short, this new supercar will be profitable. And if the manufacturer of Molsheim had struggled to sell the last of the 450 copies of the Veyron, multiplying the special editions to ensure its exclusivity, this should not be the case this time. Private presentations to potential customers have already booked one-third of the 500 copies planned.

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